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Hair Loss

The growth and loss of hair are part of one’s metabolism. However, excessive hair loss may reflect a health problem. Common causes include the following:

  1. Stress and nutritional deficiency
  2. Improper hair care, such as excessive combing and overuse of hair products that contain harmful chemicals
  3. Thyroid diseases, anemia, sudden weight loss, and severe inflammation of scalp
  4. Age- hair thins and hair growth slows as one ages
  5. Hormone imbalances, especially common in women past age of menopause or who have just given birth. Moreover, high levels of testosterone may lead to thinning and loss of hair; therefore, hair loss is also common in men

Nutrients that affect the health of hair:

  1. Vitamin A- a deficiency of which leads to hair loss; the intake of small amounts of carrot juice daily promotes hair growth
  2. Vitamin C- a deficiency of which leads to split ends
  3. Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12- a deficiency of which leads to anemia and hair loss
  4. Biotin- prevents hair loss
  5. Protein- as protein is the main component of hair, a deficiency of it may lead to obstructed hair growth
  6. Lipid- Inadequate amount of fat intake can lead to lackluster hair

Traditional foods used for hair care include:

  1. He Shou Wu- facilitates hair growth and the darkening of hair
  2. Soybean and Angelica- contains phytoestrogen and helps balancing hormone levels; hormone imbalances may lead to hair loss
  3. Sesame- rich in fatty acids, which add healthy luster to hair
  4. Black beans- rich in protein and iron, they promote circulation and hair growth

In addition, He Shou Wu sesame paste and He Shou Wu, date and black bean soup are common in hair care diets.

Basic ways to care for your hair:

  1. Maintain a healthful diet
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Manage stress properly
  4. Avoid smoking and drinking
  5. Select shampoo and conditioner that are right for your hair
  6. Wear a hat in cold weather
  7. Let your hair dry naturally

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