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The main cause of osteoporosis is the loss of calcium in bone tissues over time. This loss leads to a reduction in bone mass and density, rendering bone tissues brittle and fragile. Human bones are the strongest at age 25 to 35; after the age of 40, bone density gradually decreases as part of the natural process of aging. However, excessive reduction in bone density leads to bone degradation (osteopenia) and osteoporosis.

People who are susceptible to excessive loss of bone density include: those who are underweight, people who chronically on a restrictive diet, women of age past menopause or whose ovaries are removed, people who drink or smoke regularly, or those who have small bone structures.

Calcium is a vital component in the prevention of bone degradation. Many patients with osteoporosis mistakenly think that only medication for osteoporosis alone is sufficient for treatment; however, in fact, taking osteoporosis medication in conjunction with Calcium supplements makes the most effective treatment.

Vitamin D facilitates the body’s absorption of Calcium. Without Vitamin D, the human body cannot effectively absorb Calcium. Vitamin D comes from different parts of one’s diet, such as eggs, fish oil, liver, milk fortified with Vitamin D, and cheese. The human body can also produce Vitamin D with exposure to sunlight. A simple blood test can determine deficiency in Vitamin D, which can be solved by simply taking Vitamin D supplements.

The recommended amount of daily Calcium intake depends on age:

Children of 4 to 8

800 mg

Teens of 9 to 18

1300 mg

Adults of 19 to 50

1000 mg

Adults of 51 to 65

1200 mg

Adults of 65+

1500 mg

Foods rich in Calcium include:
Milk; cheese; yogurt; ice cream; dried fish; whitebait; green vegetables; seaweed; tofu; shellfish; sardines; fruit juice and soybean milk fortified with Calcium.

Recipes rich in Calcium include:
Dried fish and tofu soup; seaweed and shellfish soup; pork bone and dried vegetable soup (when preparing soup with bones, try adding some vinegar to facilitate the dissolve of calcium); black sesame paste; celery with tried tofu; whitebait pan-fried with pepper and salt; whitebait with steamed eggs; ginger flavored milk dessert.



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