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Nutrition Related Problems

Confucius once said, “Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” Consider diseases and health disorders your enemies, and understanding them will help you prevent them! Please check out the left column to learn more about these common diseases and disorders to help you live a happy and healthy life!

Common diet problems:

1. Maintaining a stationary lifestyle while frequently consuming high-fat, high-sugar foods can easily lead to obesity, which increases risks of hypertension, diabetes and heart attacks.

2. Many people fail to develop a habit of including calcium-rich dairy in their diet and become deficient in calcium, increasing their risk of developing osteoporosis.

3. Consuming large amounts of meat not only obstructs calcium absorption, but also increases blood cholesterol and uric acid levels, increasing risks of vascular obstruction and gout.

4. Vegetables and fruits contain rich minerals and antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system and; despite the health benefits they offer, many people neglect their importance and leave them out of their diets, increasing their susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections.

5. A lack of sufficient fiber intake can lead to constipation and hemorrhoids.

6. Drinking fewer than 6 glasses of water adds burden on kidneys.

7. Consuming too much caffeine.

8. Often consumption of foods high in sodium and MSG.

9. Some consumers purchase processed foods frequently for their convenience but never pay attention to their labels to see if they contain artificial additives and preservatives.

Guidelines to a healthful diet:

1. Include different kinds of food in your diet, like vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains, meats, etc.

2. Maintain an ideal weight by exercising often.

3. Maintain a regulated meal schedule; do not neglect the importance of breakfast.

4. Avoid having late night snacks.

5. Choose foods that are low in cholesterol.

6. Avoid foods high in fat and sugar.

7. Eat vegetables and fruits daily.

8. Choose foods high in fiber.

9. Avoid foods that are salty or high in sodium.

10. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

11. Do not drink excessively.

12. Avoid foods with artificial colors and preservatives.


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