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Diet and Hypertension

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on blood vessels when blood flows. There are two kinds of blood pressure- systolic and diastolic. A systolic blood pressure above 140 mmHg and a diastolic blood pressure above 90 mmHg are considered hypertension.

Hypertension can occur in people of any age. Hypertension may occur as a result of nervousness, overweight conditions, a high sodium diet and heredity. If hypertension is not controlled, it increases risks of heart attacks, stroke, decreased kidney functions and vision degeneration.

How to treat hypertension:

    1. Take medications- there are many kinds of medications available to treat hypertension- some can be diuretic, slow heart rate, or expand blood vessels. These kinds of medication should not be halted even after blood pressure levels have returned within normal range.
    2. Avoid foods high in sodium. People with hypertension should not have more than one teaspoon of salt or two tablespoons of soy sauce per day.
    3. Properly manage stress and rest sufficiently every day.
    4. If you are overweight, losing weight is the best way to lower your blood pressure.

Some foods and elements can help control your blood pressure:
    1. Calcium can not only maintain healthy bone tissues, but also balance blood pressure levels and exert sleeping therapeutic effects.
    2. Magnesium can help muscles contract and relax. Foods rich in magnesium include nuts, green peas, dried peas, bananas, and soybeans.
    3. Blend green apple, cucumber, green pepper, celery, bitter gourd together to make the “five green juice,” a glass of which every day can relieve high blood pressure conditions.
    4. Celery juice, barley water, chixiaodou soup and lemon juice are some natural diuretics that help relieve hypertension.

People with hypertension should develop a habit of engaging in physical activities regularly, maintaining a low-sodium diet mainly consisted of fresh foods, and avoiding canned and pickled foods.

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